Welcome to the first website for console World of Tanks from CIS region. We are happy to see You on our site and we hope that You will stay with us!

Our project will continuously develop with the goal of improving your experience!

Our plans


  • Overall stats
  • Tank stats table
  • Daily tank stats table
  • Monthly tank stats table
  • Advanced tank table filter
  • Show/Hide columns in tank table
  • Display suggested names in nickname field
  • News section
  • Clans
  • Marks of Excellence
  • Best players
  • Current MoE progress
  • Multilingualism

In future

  • Tankopedia and tank comparison
  • Streamers and their content
  • Competitions and tournaments
  • Medals
  • Stats comparison (XBOX vs. PS and player vs. player)
  • Noob's corner
  • Your ideas to improve the website (Feedback)

If you have any questions, found a bug, etc. don't hesitate to send us an email: